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In 2001, The Repton Village History Group merged with Repton Village Society because the activities of the History Group had dwindled and there was a need to protect the considerable assets and archives relating to Repton and District.

The History Group is now back on a secure foundation and it has been amicably agreed that it would be simpler and easier for the two groups to operate independently and to compliment each other for the benefit of the community.

It is intended that this will come into effect after the Annual General Meeting of Repton Village Society on 3rd March 2005.

The Committees of both groups are agreed that this is the best way forward..


Signed:  Peter Rainey, Chairman Repton Village Society.

              Alan Kimber, Chairman Repton Village History Group


Repton Village Society - Future Programme.

Thursday February 3rd-  “The Role of the Police Helicopter” by John Jameson.

Thursday March 3rd   AGM followed by “The Restoration of Heage Windmill” by Alan Gifford who was instrumental in bringing this mill back into full working order.

Thursday April 7th  “The Bass Railway Trips” by Rod Pearson. These where free  railway excursions run as an annual treat by Bass, Ratcliff and Gretton for their workforce. As many as seventeen trains were used on one occasion to convey 11,000 people in a single day from Burton upon Trent to Blackpool and back, and local trams and buses were arranged to bring passengers from their homes to the Station. The trips were highly organised, and comprehensive booklets were issued giving details of train times, the scenery en route and arrangements at the resort (which establishments sold Bass beer etc!)  

Thursday May 5th  “Repton Reminiscences (64 years of School & Village)” by Mike Charlesworth. (Note the change in title of this talk-the content remains the same).

Thursday June 2nd  “The Lunar Society of Birmingham” by Diana Perowne (Birmingham Blue Badge Guide). In the 1760s a group of amateur experimenters met and made friends in the Midlands. They formed The Lunar Society, so named because it met at each full moon to make travelling easier. Whitehurst (from Derby), Boulton, Watt, Priestley, Wedgewood and Erasmus Darwin were some of the members. Between them they named gases, plants and minerals, built canals, launched balloons and changed the face of England and the china in its homes.

SATURDAY June 4th Coach trip to Birmingham guided by Mrs.Perowne. We will meet her at the International Convention Centre for coffee followed by a short walk through Brindley Place to see this now completed complex of buildings before travelling to Soho House (Matthew Boulton’s home) for a talk and tour by Mrs. Perowne, followed by lunch at a nearby pub. After lunch we will study the contrasting architecture of the Jewellery Quarter and Edgbaston from the coach on the way to a guided tour of Bournville(the model village not Cadbury World!) The cost will be (excluding lunch) £11 for members, £13 for visitors. Bookings being taken now (25 already). Ring 701838 Alan Webster.


Repton Village History Group

The year commenced at our January meeting with an excellent collection of slides of old Repton presented by one of our founder members, David Guest.  Judging from the re-action of the audience they not only enjoyed the evening but it brought back many happy memories of Repton as it used to be. 

Repton Village Society Annual General Meeting - Nominations Form


Name of Nominee     ………………………………......................................................

Address of Nominee  ……………………………….....................................................

Chair / Vice-Chair / Treasurer / Secretary / Committee Member (delete as appropriate)


Nominated by …………………………….. Address ………………………………......


Please return to Hon Sec. (Hazel Blackhall, 35 Monsom Lane Repton, Derby, DE65 6FX)

at least 14 prior to the meeting.



3RD MARCH 2005

7.30pm Repton Village Hall


1.   Apologies

2.   Minutes of AGM held on 1st April 2004

3.   Matters arising

4.   Chairman’s Report

5.   Treasurer’s Report 

6.   Report from the Village History Group

7.   Election of Officers





8.    Election of Committee

9.   Amendments to the Constitution

10. Any other business


Note 1.The Committee would welcome nominations for the posts of Officers or Committee Members and these should be made in writing to the Hon.Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting. (Hazel Blackhall, 35 Monsom Lane, Repton DE65 6FX)




1.   Name  The name of the Society shall be the Repton Village Society.  The Repton Village Society incorporates the Repton Village History Group.
8.   Sub-Committees Delete paragraph:

The relationship with the Repton Village History Group has been agreed by an Annual General Meeting and the arrangements are as outlined in the attached memorandum (Issue 1 dated 13 Mar 2001) 

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