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The Committee would like to take this opportunity to send Christmas Greetings to all members. We hope that you have found your membership worthwhile and that you will rejoin for 2009.Subscriptions for 2009 will be due in January and will be at the same rate as this year - £3 per individual, £6 per household.

Amongst the planning applications received from the SDDC was one concerning the rebuilding of Burnaston Hall on a site at Repton Park. We objected to this application on the grounds that the site was outside the village envelope and that the building had no historical connection with Repton. The Parish Council and the History Group also objected. The application was refused by the SDDC.

The talk by Philip Heath on Derbyshire Churches in October included excellent images of some of the many churches that he used to illustrate how the buildings were altered to meet changing times.

Richard Stone used a transport theme in his splendid talk about the River Trent in November. Richard has written a book with the same title and he traced the use of the river for both trade and invasion. His talk was followed by the presentation of the prizes in our first photographic competition. There were 33 entries and Ashley Franklin who judged them and presented the prizes explained the reasons for his choice and also spent time covering many aspects of good photography. This was followed by cheese and wine. The evening attracted several new members.

Future Programme.

Thursday January 8th. In 1896 gold was discovered in Alaska. The find resulted in the influx of 100,000 people and only a very few ended up richer. It was a disaster as far as most were concerned. Colin Bagshaw will talk about this event.

Thursday February 5th. Have you ever wondered how your holiday flight follows the route that it does? Or how the aircraft manages to avoid all the other planes whizzing aroud the skies of Europe? It is all down to the Air Traffic Control System (Aerodrome Control, Approach Radar Control and Area Control). Pete Garrard, Air Traffic Control Training and Operations - East Midlands Airport, will explain how the System gets you safely from A to B at around 600mph.

SATURDAY February 7th. Bill Smith and Gypsy Jazz with the jazz violinist Ben Holder will be making a welcome return. Bring your own food, wine and glasses. Tickets are £7 and are likely to sell out quickly. There will be a raffle and all proceeds from the evening are going to the St Wystan’s Heritage Appeal.  Come along for another very enjoyable, and not too noisy, evening.

Thursday March 5th. “From Back Garden to Bandavgrarph” Danny Green is a wild life photographer whose work is regularly featured in the RSPB magazine and other publications. He will describe a typical year with stunning examples of his various projects. The AGM follows with complimentary cheese and wine.

Coach Trips –  Three journeys are programmed. The fares are slightly higher that last year due to increases in fuel costs.  Sorry. The guides associated with the first two visits will be giving talks on the preceding Thursdays.

The first is to Shrewsbury on Saturday April 4th. Why Shrewsbury? Because Charles Darwin was born in the town 200 years ago and there are many celebrations taking place. The coach will leave Repton at 8.30a.m and we will meet our guide, Pam Powis, at the Battlefield 1403 Heritage Centre (café and farm shop) just to the north of Shrewsbury. There will be a panoramic tour of the town in the coach followed by a 45minute walking tour – The Darwin Trail -  for those who want it. ( the group will be split into two separate parties for the tour). Plenty of free time has been allowed for lunch etc followed by an optional boat trip on the River Severn with commentary. The coach is due to leave at 4.30p.m. Cost: £16 for members, £18 for visitors. (Boat trip extra). Town maps will be provided,

The second is to Saltaire with Rod Pearson on Saturday July 4th. In previous years we have looked at the model villages of Port Sunlight and Bournville. Saltaire was built by Titus Salt to house the workers at his magnificent mill. The route is via Halifax and Bradford. Rod will take us on a walking tour of the village with plenty of time afterwards to visit the mill which houses the David Hockney gallery, shops, a bistro, coffee shop etc. There is much else to see besides. Have a look at www.saltairevillage for more information. The coach will leave Repton at 8.a.m. On leaving Saltaire we will stop at the original Harry Ramsden’s for fish and chips (there is other food available). We should arrive back in Repton by about 7p.m. Cost: members £16, visitors £18. Cost of meal not included.

And finally on Saturday September 19th the destination is York or the Yorkshire Air Museum. Some members have asked to visit the latter because it has connections with Barnes Wallis who was born in Derbyshire. There would not be time to visit both places as a group and do them both justice, but it is possible that individuals could make their own way from one to the other. No guides have been arranged but maps etc will be available. The coach will leave Repton at 8a.m and will leave York at 4.30p.m. Cost: £12 for members, £14 for visitors.

Alan Webster 01283  701838

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