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Repton Primary is a Co-educational day school.

We currently teach in single aged classes.

We have 1 Foundation Stage class, 2 Key Stage 1 classes and 7 Key Stage 2 classes.

In addition to classrooms the school has a spacious hall with stage lighting, library facilities, large playing field and playground and school gardens.

Contact Details

Address: Repton Primary School, Springfield Road, Repton, DE65 6GN

Tel/Fax: 01283 703732


Head Teacher: Mrs H Wallis B.Ed(Hons) NPQH

Chair of Governors: Lisa Eaton

School Mission Statement

Repton Primary is a happy, caring, safe and secure school, that is committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We all work together creating a stimulating, supportive environment that provides opportunities for all types of learning.

School Aims

At Repton Primary School our aim is to provide and promote a POSITIVE learning environment in which children are…

P – Prepared for life so that they can fulfil their potential

O - Offered opportunities to work collaboratively together with each other, with parents, with the whole school and their wider community

S - Safe, secure and confident and are able to thrive in a stimulating and creative learning environment

I – Independent, have well developed life long learning skills and a positive self image

T – nurtured in order to develop all their gifts and Talents

I – Included irrespective of their ability, race, gender and cultural diversity

V – Valued, and encouraged to develop strong values, beliefs and respect and understanding for others

E – Encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles and a growing economic awareness


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